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Envision: A Plan to Self-Discovery and Transformation

A self paced Six Component Course for Personal and Professional Development. A roadmap in identifying barriers which have been erected in your life that keeps you stuck on the status quo.

Author | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Counselor | Real Estate Investor


Yvonne has a passion to inspire and see people move into their destiny and reach their full potential. She strongly believes every person has gifts to influence the world around them and become catalysts of change. Yvonne is founder and  CEO of Leadership Principles Consulting LLC- a training and consulting company.


           DR. YVONNE F. KEITT

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Hey Young Queen

A one year vision board and journal for girls. Book also includes a monthly calendar with positive affirmations.



Ryann is a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Advocate and Author. Her previous publications are: Everlasting Grace 30-day journal (Author), You Are 60-day Affirmation journal (Author), Boss Babes Who Pray Vol 2 & Vol 3 (Co-author). Her goal is to  help individuals reclaim  true love of self. By helping them to acknowledge their self worth and to address the emotional wounds they try to cover, so  they can properly heal. Enabling them to become the person that God created them to be and not the person the world labels them to be.


Ways to Contact Ryann:

Phone: 803-240-4885

FB: Pursuit of Your Purpose LLC


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